The traditional view of the business angel is perhaps of a person looking to find the golden egg.....







But in many cases the major concern is not the need to make an absolute fortune, but avoiding throwing your investments and effort into a project that is the equivalent of flushing money down the loo.






One of the benefits of a member to member club, is in seeing things from a different perspective, perhaps turning the tables, investors presenting projects to raise funds and business promoters acting as investors. A bit like a rabbit pulling a magician out of the hat.






Working on projects together, helps us all to understand the business models, to understand where the cash goes to and to formulate arrangements that allows the pie to both grow and be cut into slices that all appreciate.

Membership of the ABAN PLUS Club is completely optional, and neither those looking to find a project to invest in or those looking to present a project have to join this club.

The club has been established  to allow members to co-operate together in gaining a wider range of experience, to allow you to pick up new skills and take part in a wide range of simulated events, allowing you to improve skills, gain confidence and interact with other members.

The club organises

  • Meetings
  • Training events
  • Experion projects
  • Chance to look in depth together at dummy projects, assisted role play to improve fact-finding and decision making
  • Appraising franchise opportunities
  • Chance to practice presentations to each other
  • Has its own e-mail newsletter in addition to the ABAN members newsletter

There are a few things you cannot do at club events, including using them to actually promote a project or sell a service, and we expect you to be pleasant and treat other members as you would like them to treat you. We also expect you to treat confidentially any contact or information that members do choose to share with you. So you cannot use it as a way to build a mailing list or as a part of any marketing plan. If on the other hand you, like many others, form new friendships, and find people that you would like to participate with in joint ventures, or set up something new between you, then we have no objection at all to this.

For the person looking for a project to participate or invest in, this club we believe offers many advantages from gaining experience, skills and confidence, to meeting others like you with similar interests. The business promoter also has advantages, in understanding the people who they want to work with, in knowing what sort of questions and concerns are going to come up and in getting the opportunity to practice presentations, rather than  having to try them out on the people you want to say yes.

Some ask why it is optional, when clearly there is so many advantages to all members in becoming involved. While it is logical for the majority of the members to look seriously at joining, some others, we appreciate, will for a variety of reasons, not use this, so our policy of making as much optional and giving you the members the ultimate say, as to what service you want, is met.

Events are all put on at cost, some are free, paid out of the club subscriptions.

As well as the ordinary memberships we offer a range of others, with personal help and discounted services bundled in.

We have a choice of five membership options;-

ABAN PLUS Membership involves a joining fee of 49, plus a monthly subscription of just 19.95. We don't insist on a minimum period of membership, the joining fee is designed to discourage people from leaving and rejoining as events of interest are identified.

ABAN PERSONAL PLUS, is a second membership option, that includes all that ABAN PLUS Club membership and in addition, starts with a personal meeting with the chairman of ABAN, and you also get his direct line phone numbers, so can call him when you want, to ask his view on many things or to get a first hand feel on the pulse as well as knowing what is happening before it is generally announced. Including discussing franchises. He cannot give you financial advice. ABAN PERSONAL PLUS members also get invitations to dinner parties and the like to meet up with other Personal Plus members. If you are looking to put forward projects for funding, then the first meeting is FREE, and there is no listing fee to ABAN Personal Plus members. saving you 295, on each. If you feel you would benefit from this very personal service, then as you will expect the membership costs are quite a bit higher, but perhaps more reasonable than you might expect. Personal Plus membership involves a one time joining fee of 1,200 and a  monthly subscription of only 39.95.


The same as ABAN PERSONAL PLUS, other than it is a life membership so no monthly subscriptions. In addition the club chairman updates you regularly  by email of progress, and in addition to his direct phone numbers you have a special email address that you can use to contact him. You also get  a club email address that is automatically routed to you, or optional that you can collect. Life membership involves a one time fee of 15,000.


The same benefits as ABAN PERSONAL PLUS, but also involvement in the consultancy panel. This panel screens potential consultants and advises the chairman on how allocations of consultants and projects should be distributed. There are distinct benefits if you wish to be a consultant commissioned by the club or perhaps if you were going to commission a wide range of consultants yourself to assist in looking at projects. In addition if you are looking to put forward projects then not only is the first meeting free, but the second is at half price, no listing fees and a greatly reduced commission rate on funds raised, so potentially allowing the saving of several times the membership costs, making this a very attractive membership package for all those who are looking to raise funds or offer consultancy. This has a joining fee of 1,750 and a monthly subscription of 69.95.


The same as ABAN Personal Plus life with additional benefits from ABAN PERSONAL PLUS CONSULTANT. One time fee of 29,000

VAT. We are not currently VAT registered, when we have to be then prices will increase to include this, existing members will continue at their current rates with the club paying the VAT.


Selecting the right membership type for you

We are aware that we give members too much choice. You can select whatever grade you feel is right for you, but we offer the following suggestions.

Member looking to gain skills and experience, but perhaps not ready to look at serious projects yet -  consider ABAN PLUS.

Member looking to become involved in a project now but would like some personal hand holding and someone they can call from time to time, plus a chance perhaps to meet up with other similar members - consider ABAN PERSONAL PLUS.

Member looking to present a business plan for funding in a years time - consider ABAN PERSONAL PLUS.

Member looking to put forward one or more projects for funding in the very near future, consider  ABAN PERSONAL PLUS CONSULTANT as the bundled in discounts will probably save you cost.

Member who feels that they would like to become actively involved as a consultant (and get paid for this) consider  ABAN PERSONAL PLUS CONSULTANT.




Being involved in a business as a promoter, director, or investor has many rewards, new experiences, challenges, new friends, a chance to be involved and see things you would not normally come across, in addition to improving your wealth.


JOIN ABAN or ABAN PLUS TODAY - see the Membership types overview