Business Development

Do you have a business looking to expand, develop into or market franchises, promote joint ventures, or services?

ABAN exists to help businesses to grow, to get funding and to empower more people to become involved. This is far wider than just matching would be investors with those who need the investment.

We are as you will realise a business angel network, and as such you will expect the centrepiece of what we are involved in to be, like other networks, to feature the funding side. We however have a far wider brief. We want to assist members be they potential investors or those putting up business proposals, to achieve as much as possible, as profitably as possible. We are also involved in empowerment, both of angels and businesses, helping all members to achieve more, and do so quicker and more profitably.

Imagine you developed the perfect time machine, then a bank would not fund its production unless you own a house to use as security. A business angel or venture capitalist would be far more interested, if approached in the right way.


In practice much of this is undertaken by ABAN Plus our optional but advantageous club that allows members to get a wider range of training, support, attend meetings and far more. The simple reason for this is that it costs money to put on, and somehow it has to be paid for, and the Plus club can do this. It also forms a natural filter, the most interested and involved see the advantage, allowing concentrated help to these members.

ABAN itself you will find offers some assistance, in addition to raising money of course, like maintaining a register of people who would like to be non executive directors and  similar registers for consultants and team members that could be employed to improve your project. You can also match up with others looking for joint venture partners or looking for people to work in some joint way.

When a member puts forward a funding proposal, ABAN always asks consultants that look at this with them, to point out other options they may have overlooked, and to see if the projects could be improved. Not in a prescriptive way, but just to make sure that those involved are aware of improvements that may be able to be made, if they chose to.

ABAN Personal Plus members get, as the title suggest personal help, but not financial advice or decisions made for them, it is very much about empowering people, not undertaking things or making decisions for them.  Members who have businesses that are putting forward proposals or have other needs find this of course of great value. In addition the whole fund raising process is far cheaper for them.

Often it is the Personal Plus members that are the basis of new joint proposals, consortium projects, property deals and more. They are quite naturally in before it goes upon the website for the wider membership to consider.

Getting your project off the ground is easier when you have help, get your project attention and in front of the right people

Personal Plus Consultant members, often lead projects, and are also involved in assisting members to match up with others, either working as a member of a panel or individually.

If therefore your interest is in leading new joint projects, and you want to get started soon, then joining as a free ABAN member and ABAN Plus as a Personal Plus Consultant member makes sense. Similarly if you want to develop and market franchises or other services to members this is the ideal route.

As a Personal Plus Consultant, you will work with the ABAN chairman, and get advice and member contacts fed to you, that you will be able to assist. As a member to member organisation as you would expect, you have to give fellow members the  best assistance possible and any service you provide must be within the rules of the club and as agreed with the Chairman. ABAN follows the same philosophy as many other leaders, in believing that most people are honourable and will do their best, and monitors people early on to assist them to achieve more and to confirm this initial confidence in them.

The stimulation and new challenges that can come your way as a Personal Plus Consultant can make your brain dance. It makes your bank balance feel healthy as well.

As honourable members those that have franchise offerings write them up themselves as well as working on comparative overviews of the industry. These still require approval before going onto the system, but once up interest expressed is passed directly to them to answer.

If you do not already have a franchise to offer but are considering developing one then Personal Plus Consultant members get a completely free and no strings attached meeting with a special company ABAN has been involved in establishing, to assist people to develop and market franchises and  joint venture proposals. All Personal Plus members get access to this company at the reduced rate of 500 for a half day session.

If you are not a Personal Plus member and want to have access to this company then you are charged for consultancy on straight session basis, where a session is half a day and the cost per session is 800.

The objective of this company is to assist and empower you not to take the project over from you. It has been commissioned by ABAN to undertake this and some other tasks, and you should within one or two sessions be in a position where you know what to do, how and have the introductions in place to get other help you may want from other members or sources.

ABAN does not sell advertising on its website or contacts for members, the only way that anyone gets to work through ABAN with its members is by becoming a member, and at the appropriate grade and level of support to allow the very best member to member service to be provided.

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Questions and answers

Tell me why I should join ABAN now

It gives you many advantages, as a part of a member to member organisation you get to see and if you wish join in new ventures, and learn more as you go along.

The fact that it does not cost you anything to join is a bonus.

Like any form of networking, information and introductions are valuable to you. In addition getting to understand more options, looking at different business models like franchises, and joint ventures, as well as knowing how businesses are really valued, can prove helpful.

Tell me why I should join ABAN Plus as well

ABAN Plus our optional but desirable add on club gives you personal attention, help, empowerment and the chance to get to meet others.

Having a joining fee and subscription both maintains a stable membership and allows a budget to both put on events and go on developing new and improved services for members.

It also allows us to provide a very high grade personal service for members, where the Personal Plus members get direct contact with the ABAN chairman.

For businesses there are far more reasons than just getting funding, which incidentally is far cheaper for Plus members. This includes marketing advantages for many, like those who have franchises to promote, and ability to identify people to build teams from.

The chance to act as a consultant, to be seriously considered for well paid non executive directorships and the chance to join others in joint ventures, all adds to the advantages.

Why don't you fund the Plus services out of ABAN funding operations, rather than as an optional club.

By making it optional you get the choice if you want to use these services or not. We also don't have to spread them so thinly as we would if funded from a tax on businesses raising funding though us.

We could have also priced everything separately, but then we would have been concentrating on marketing courses, publications etc rather than just getting on and providing more.

If I join ABAN Plus is there any advantage in looking at Business Club International as well.

Yes, you should take a serious look at Business Club International, who as you may know were the backers of ABAN when set up. There is very little overlap between the two, which have designed their member services so that they not only compliment each other but have some shared activities and projects.

While ABAN concentrates on the business model, opportunities like JVC's and franchises as well as angel opportunities, funding, mentoring and expanding the management team, be it with staff or non executive directors and empowering people to maximise the value of the business, Business Club International covers a far wider range of business skills, has a larger article database, and is based around a local member structure. It has far more practical day to day advice and information on so many aspects of business. It also has commissioning (also called outsourcing) and other exchange information and a gateway system utilising a wide range of other information. Practical items like a library of forms, and agreements that you can use in your business and practical reference material, together with a wide range of activities on a local and regional basis.

The projects that are run jointly but managed by ABAN are the Experion projects giving people director level experience, and the databases covering non executive directors, consultants and team members.

If you haven't already seen it take a look at

Member to member organisations exist to benefit members. As a part of a larger family you get the benefit of assistance, leads and information. You can both commission others and receive commissions, get the chance to become involved in joint ventures, and work together in other ways.

When you are working with another member you make sure that you never let them down and they likewise would not want to let you down.

Yes, you have more sales, more profit, can solve problems faster, but you also get to make new friendships, and talk with people you respect, and who likewise look forward to meeting you again.

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