Experion Projects and JVC's

A chance to share your experience
 and ideas with others.

Getting real experience

Many people who decide to become a business angel have had little or no experience of  being a company director or other aspects of running a business. Neither knowledge or experience are considered relevant to be allowed to bi-pass the censorship sections that are involved in self certification, (gold and platinum members only). 

Many who want to become business angels, and who have not had sharp end experience in a small company, would both be of far more use to the business, be able to understand the real life problems involved and be able to make better investment decisions if they had some experience.  In order to allow people to get this experience first hand, we have worked with our optional club ABAN PLUS Club and Business Club International on developing a project that can be used by both their members and ours.

The Experion projects (below) is a low cost solution to gaining experience.


Another option is to join a Joint Venture Club/Company (JVC), this allows you the opportunity to join in a real and substantial business as a participant using your leisure time, and sharing experience and learning new skills, a nice way to enter the world of business. See information on the members site, on the very many options now available to join JVC's, ranging from becoming a partner in a large hotel, to taking over existing software projects, to joining a property business that already owns houses. The capital required for many of these is no more than you would use in many leisure pursuits.


You can of course also gain a great deal of experience and skills as well as confidence by belonging to the optional ABAN PLUS Club.

Information on Experion meetings and more are in the ABAN Plus members newsletter.


Not a toy company, but the chance to
play the game and gain experience

Experion projects

Experion companies are being established with the objective of allowing people to gain experience in relation to becoming members or directors of a real company. They are not intended to initially trade in a big way, but to provide direct experience of a real company from undertaking initial feasibilities, to board meetings with simulated problems to overcome, or decisions to make.

Different Experion versions will be established for different industries or business styles over time.

As these are real companies they will be able to consider any takeover or purchase proposal that is put to them for their company, or could if they choose, convert it into a fully trading company, this however will not be encouraged.



Three versions are initially available now

To become involved a person has to already be a member of Aaronic Business Angels Network, and the ABAN PLUS Club, they join a special interest group and  become a shareholder as they would with any other company, but their investment is only for 2,500 shares at 2p each, 50 in total. 50% of this is available to the company, while the remainder covers setting up costs and the like. This is not open to the public.

Other than that there is no pre negotiation within the current Experion model, this is very like becoming an angel in any company. You will get a share certificate, and be involved from there on. You should however not consider this a real investment, its a low cost training exercise that uses a real company. This page is not an offer for you to become involved as you have to be a member first.

We ask all those presenting opportunities to also become a member and many of these will already be a member of the ABAN PLUS Club. There is therefore a mix of business angels and those looking to set up real companies that will be involved and looking to gain experience together, giving a balance and different viewpoints, as you would get in any business. Some may have a lot of experience and be looking to see how they would get on with business angels on their board. 

This project is run jointly by ABAN PLUS Club and  BCI who will manage any simulations, and attending these will involve a small charge to cover costs. The costs are covered in part from ABAN PLUS Club subscriptions, in part from 50% of the share sales, part from BCI grants and part from recovering at cost, the cost of putting on individual meetings for members of an individual Experion company, although company members can elect to book and pay for these direct by their own company if they wish. This like the whole of ABAN is designed to be a non profit operation.

Future growth

Information on Experion meetings and more are in the ABAN Plus members newsletter.

More Experion companies are planned, as we don't want any to get very large. Details on the current position will be found in the member section under Experion project. We are considering starting some at an earlier point, with first meetings by ABAN PLUS members to define its role and allow presentations to other ABAN PLUS members as any other new enterprise would, ahead of making it available for others to participate in.

Experion Projects Ltd is registered  so that if this proves as popular as expected, a separate service provider can be established and run by a group of people, under the Experion Projects name.

A number of websites also have been registered some are used as a part of the simulations, but a project site is also in preparation that will provide additional training and skills information.

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