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The ABAN Flair initiative, extends the educational and empowerment programme run by ABAN to a wider audience. This initiative is based around a twice monthly newsletter sent by e-mail, and introduction events put on around the country.

The Newsletter contains brief items, leading to larger articles and these in some cases also lead on to free e-books. In addition the newsletters contain some free e-books, including well known classic novels and discounts or offers.


The ABAN Flair initiative is based from www.the-experts.net, a website ABAN has set up to be used to help match team members with developing businesses, promoting the concept of commissioning. A new press club we are sponsoring is also on the same website.  Within the Flair Initiative the intention is to share knowledge and by this means 'open doors' for far more people, some may become interested in starting a business, some joining others in a consortium, some becoming angels and others in commissioning.

Free period novels and a wide range of other items are being included in part to entice more people to register and by this means get to discover more, and partly to increase the interest in the sharing of knowledge via e-books. The range of e-books being offered without cost will increase, with many being commissioned, and people encouraged to consider writing their own books. The cost of commissioned e-books is covered by sponsorship.  This we hope will provide a springboard to develop far more joint ventures and other forms of co-operative ventures.

By drip feeding information over a period, we will allow far more people to discover a wide range of opportunity areas from 'buy to let' to investing in property in the UK and overseas holiday property. The coverage of a wider range of franchises that had already started, is expanding, and a new drive is on to invite more people to become Personal Plus Consultants to allow far more expertise and knowledge to be shared with ABAN members in these areas.

The events being put on across the UK are being organised by ABAN Plus. Some for its members, others opened up to anyone who wants to attend, these will take the topics covered within the ABAN Flair newsletter and articles to the next level.

ABAN now has 3 newsletters, each month

The content of each is different but there is some overlapping of information, but designed so that a person who receives all of them finds them all informative and interesting. 

To make sure that only those who want to receive them get them we have a two step registration, so once a person registers they get an email that they have to click a line on, to confirm they requested it, and on the bottom of every newsletter is a line that can be clicked on to immediately cancel the newsletter subscription.

Delivery of the Flair Initiative involves quite a few partners, mostly a number of specialist interest clubs, as well as some commissioned services.

You can register on to the Flair initiative below, or see more about it at www.the-experts.net  There is also the scope for businesses to become involved in sponsoring at low cost e-books and other aspects of this initiative, to find out more just register on the initiative and  you will find information will become available from the Flair newsletter and linked information. If you are an ABAN Plus member then ask the ABAN Chairman about free member to member sponsorship opportunities as well.

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