Green Angels

More than spin.

In the search for approval, we need to make sure we make a real difference, that continues for generations to come.

The solution is likely to come from technology and the use of business skills.

We are all aware of the concern about environmental changes, and while views differ about how serious the problem is from those who feel that perhaps its been a bit over hyped, to those who feel the world will be uninhabitable by humans within a few years, unless serious action occurs.

Similarly views vary as to the cause of the problem from those that point out that the population growth is a major factor, as the more people there are the more carbon footprints there are, to those who are more concerned about individual carbon footprints of individuals.

Planting a few trees, trading carbon figures with developing counties, or Europe giving large carbon allowances to some industries and shortage to others to create a market for carbon allowances, may make many millions for large industries, but has little impact on the planet. Similarly political spin and PR stunts, while focusing some attention on this, makes little difference. There is not always agreement over either how big the problem is or what options make a real difference.

Where there is consensus, is that the only ultimate solution to this is likely to be technological. New inventions, technologies, changes in application and businesses to develop and market these. Cleaning up old industries, offering alternative ways for developing countries to supply its population, and developments that will assist everyone.

Individuals, even if they got rid of their car, never flew in an aeroplane again and carried everything to extremes, even selecting suppliers  such as electricity suppliers who are the greenest,  can at most reduce their individual footprint by about 30%. Still worthwhile but the rest is completely outside their control.  A lot of spin is put on the effect of a large number of people each changing a light bulb or turning down the heating, but over half of all electricity generated  is lost in moving it around, motorways and cities are flood lit all night long and so much potential free energy, such as rivers, streams, wind, tides and  many more are not used at all.

ABAN does not go along with the philosophy of just throwing money at the problem, this is likely to have minimal impact and be short lived unless sound business principles and efficient organisations are established.

Green projects, are projects being put forward by businesses or groups of people using sound business and management principles, that are economically sound, as well as having an impact in helping to overcome or reduce the effect of the carbon footprints.

For example the technology is understood that would allow the difference in sea temperature at different depths to be used to generate electricity, split Hydrogen out of seawater and conceptually you could power all vehicles, using this instead of using polluting fuels. Many other technologies are known or being developed that likewise could make a considerable difference, but they need to be economically viable and be implemented to have any impact.

ABAN is not going to promote projects that do not comply with its existing criteria, it has to still be a sound business proposal, that has management, that can succeed, but perhaps some angels may be more inclined towards these projects, particularly when they are at an early stage. Some successful business people may also feel that acting as angels in this area, allows them to put in their expertise, and make a real difference, perhaps without needing the same level of reward for the time used.

ABAN also would like to pull together consortiums of Green Angels, that will work together towards funding some of these projects, still on the basis that they make business and economic sense. ABAN also will be putting on events and presentations, where those with  business ideas or developments can pitch to these consortiums, and where ABAN Plus funds these events.

ABAN is also working with New Atlantis, Business Club International and others, on a project that will allow businesses, and the public to voluntarily  donate in a similar way to other carbon offset funds, but to use this fund as co-investor, alongside Green Angels and consortiums to assist these projects to develop. The advantage would be in a circulating and growing fund that could assist projects, and cut down development timescales.

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You don't have to be a mad scientist, or a very clever one, to make a real difference, you can make a difference by joining others and helping them to succeed.


Questions and answers

Is there really a problem or is it all hype

No one knows, there are cycles throughout history, ice ages and other periods and what we are currently in could just be another of these.

It may be completely outside our control whatever we do. Human impact is probably around 20% of the total, so another large volcano erupting can have more impact than all the savings that can be made.

Some think that there are automatic corrections that come into play, and so it will all work out OK, whatever we do.

The risk is, that if we don't do anything, we could end up making ourselves extinct, and as we don't understand the mechanics of this, it could tip over and we could get a period when we cannot live on the earth because its to hot, or cold, or other problems exist, and this could well be in our lifetime.

Are governments taking the risk seriously and if not why should I.

Both governments and many companies are going along with there being a large risk, but not doing a great deal to overcome the problem.

They tend to make political capital out of it, see it as a means of adding more taxes and something to barter internationally.

Governments are mostly short term planners, they don't often make major decisions that effect the long term future, but like many large companies have a short term view.

Are there solutions available now

There are some, but many are not yet considered important enough, either because the economics of it is not yet viable, or because vested interests have too great an influence.

Of the solutions that exist many are starting to be applied, at least in token amounts. There are many more opportunities, and the market will grow rapidly in these areas over the next few years.

Is it morally right to profit from this problem area.

This is always a difficult area for some, take drug companies that make large profits from patented medications. Is it right that they make so much that many people in many countries are not able to get access to the drugs. Many argue that without the profits, development would not continue and no future breakthroughs would occur.

On the climate front, the only real major change that can be made is going to come about through technological changes and someone is going to make these, so why not you.

Some of the technologies exist and need applying and improving, others have still to be developed.

Do you think that Green Angels can make any real difference

YES. Angels are often able to see potential in development far ahead of others, and its this vision and ability to support new applications and developments that could make all the difference.

In theory last minute, too late measures, could be implemented, like pulling  carbon out of the atmosphere and locking it under ground, but by the time it was decided to do it, it may well be too late.

With new countries industrialising, developing and energy consumption rocketing, new energy technologies are going to become particularly important.

Ultimately it comes down to a gamble, do you back governments to do what is in our best interest, or do you feel that entrepreneurs could make a larger impact, if it was profitable for them.

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