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Joining as an ABAN Gold Member

An experienced, wealthy or sophisticated business angel  - We aim to get the majority of members to this stage, you may qualify now or you can do by being a member for 6 months.

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To qualify, you need to be able to tell us that you have been a member of an angel network for 6 months or that you have self certified yourself using one of two forms,

MS Word and other versions are on the download page (click here to show download page in new window)

You don't have to send the form to us, you just say that you have qualified yourself by the self certification, you don't even have to tell us which means you have used to qualify.

If you don't feel you can qualify yourself yet as a Gold member then join as a member now and see the various means we have of helping you to be able to convert to Gold membership, or just wait 6 months and convert then.

Recommended option

Click Here  to go directly to sign up online now and get direct access, you will be returned to a page to allow you also to register to get the ABAN Members newsletter.

Delayed option

Older way, but still available if you would prefer to use it, online or post in form, and we add details and let you know when you have access. May also be useful if internet or your connection is so slow that databases method above will not work. Click here to use this option.