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By having a variety of membership types and the, optional but advantageous, Plus Club  again with a number of membership options, we can tailor the service to meet your needs and benefit you most without flooding you with irrelevant information.

The main welcome page on the public website leads to a variety of pages that explain how we feel we can best service the many functions that this member to member organisation seeks to assist.

Below is a summary of membership types and selections with links to pages where you can register as a member. The buttons above also link to the various joining pages.


The starting point for the novice business angel or person looking to utilise the membership offers to raise funds or to just find out what it is all about.

Gold Member

An experienced, wealthy or sophisticated business angel  - We aim to get the majority of members to this stage, you may qualify now or you can do by being a member for 6 months.

Diamond Member

A special membership type for venture capital companies and venture capitalists.

Platinum Member

Similar to Gold membership but also a chance to attend some meetings, and other events. It was introduced as a way of running more joint events with Business Club International. It does not give access to all ABAN PLUS projects and events, so you should also consider becoming a ABAN Plus member as well. If you are not a Business Club International member then becoming a Gold member and joining the ABAN Plus Club below is a better choice, and offers you far more.

Plus Club Member

The optional but advantageous club that runs alongside the business angel network. Organises events, training, experience, personal help for those with the Personal Plus membership types and far more. Also the staring point for many joint ventures and co-operative ventures. Organises initiatives, experience events, public presentations, education and the Flair initiative.

ABAN was set up in two halves that are designed to work together so that those who wanted a completely free membership could have it, while others who wanted to achieve more, get more involvement and help could also opt for the more complete service.

Recommended for all members, has a low cost Plus Membership for those interested primarily in the training and experience events, Personal Plus Membership for the majority of business angels and those who want to use the angel network to fund business ventures or promote joint ventures, and the Personal Plus Consultant  membership for those interested in providing consultancy, advising on markets or business areas and taking on a  number of non executive directorship roles, and those interested in being a mentor.

ABAN Flair Initiative

Organised by ABAN Plus, its primarily a newsletter, supporting website, e-books and some limited introductory training. Registration is free.

The objective is to allow people to find out more about business angel activities, business development,  but with free e-books and other incentives added to maintain interest. It is also involved in increasing awareness of the role of non executive directors, franchises, and joint ventures, as well as developing more commissioning activity and identifying team members for developing businesses.

Introduction page is on this public site and within the members section, but covered far more fully on its own website