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Joining as an ABAN Platinum Member

Platinum membership application

Similar to Gold membership but also a chance to attend some meetings, and other events. It was introduced as a way of running more joint events with Business Club International. It does not give access to all ABAN PLUS projects and events, so you should also consider becoming a ABAN Plus member as well. If you are not a Business Club International member then becoming a Gold member and joining the ABAN Plus Club below is a better choice, and offers you far more.

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To be a Platinum member you have to feel that you can say that you have completed one or other of the two self certification forms

MS Word and other versions are on the download page (click here to show download page in new window)

There are three rates for Platinum members.

A) Platinum membership - already a member of Business Club International at either member grade ED or BMV (FREE)

B) Platinum membership - already a BCI member at a lower grade - monthly subscription of 40/month, no joining fee

C) Platinum membership - not a BCI member - Joining fee 150 and monthly subscription of 60/month

Clicking on Platinum membership application will take you to a form you can complete online or print out and mail in.

You should also get directed via a page that allows you to register to get the ABAN Newsletter, if you miss this you can do it from the member section.

Once you have completed the online form or posted in your application, then we suggest you also go and quickly register online as a free Gold Member,  as this will give you immediate access to the member section. A button is at the top of this page to get to this. We always look to see if a new member, completing a form, has also registered as well using the instant joining pages and upgrade their membership when this occurs.

Platinum membership application