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See also Introduction page explaining ABAN PLUS CLUB

The optional but advantageous club that runs alongside the business angel network. Organises events, training, experience, personal help for those with the Personal Plus membership types and far more. Also the staring point for many joint ventures and co-operative ventures. Organises initiatives, experience events, public presentations, education and the Flair initiative.

ABAN was set up in two halves that are designed to work together so that those who wanted a completely free membership could have it, while others who wanted to achieve more, get more involvement and help could also opt for the more complete service.

Recommended for all members, has a low cost Plus Membership for those interested primarily in the training and experience events, Personal Plus Membership for the majority of business angels and those who want to use the angel network to fund business ventures or promote joint ventures, and the Personal Plus Consultant  membership for those interested in providing consultancy, advising on markets or business areas and taking on a  number of non executive directorship roles, and those interested in being a mentor.

If you cannot decide what grade to join ABAN Plus at, we suggest the Personal Plus grade, but if you are still undecided then first join ABAN  as a free member or Gold member, and within the larger member section you will find a page that shows the various benefits provided to each of the ABAN Plus membership grades. You can in any event always change later if you wish to select a different option.

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Clicking on Join ABAN Plus Club will take you to a form you can complete online or print out and mail in.  This form also allows you to join ABAN as well with any membership grade, if you have not already done so.

You should also get directed via a page that allows you to register to get the ABAN and ABAN Plus Newsletters, if you miss this you can do it from the member section.

Once you have completed the online form or posted in your application, then we suggest if you were not already an ABAN member, that you also go and quickly register online as a free Member or Gold Member,  as this will give you immediate access to the member section. A button is at the top of this page to get to this. We always look to see if a new member, completing a form, has also registered as well using the instant joining pages and upgrade their membership when this occurs.

Join ABAN Plus Club Now