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A brief mention on your website with a link would be greatly appreciated.

Alternatively, do all your friends and other you know a favour, by sending them an email suggesting they take a look at this website for themselves. Perhaps you could just say that it may be of interest to them or someone that they could help by giving a link to it.

We are delighted to have links or banners on any website, that allow your visitors when they have completed looking at your pages to take a look at our site. You don't need to ask us first.

Please always link to preferably not to any individual page.

Some banner that you can use, we will be adding more soon.

With a PC, right click on the banner below and then select 'save picture as' to get a copy to your disk. When you add it to your website, don't forget to include the link.

Alternatively right clicking on the banner and then copy, and pasting it to your page will probably work, loading the banner from our site, and with the hyperlink still intact. People who click on these, should get a copy of our website opening in a new window, this allows them if they wish, to close our window to return to your website.















More are coming, and of you want a banner of a specific size or style not yet available please let us know.


Do you want some more banners for your website

You can find Business Club International banners you can load to your website on

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