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Franchises available now

Franchises are available from both GB Pictures and the Money Tree Franchise from Franchise and JVC Development Ltd.

The Money Tree Franchise is unusual in that it concentrates on marketing franchises and club memberships starting with the franchises below, later going on to cover many more. So in effect it is an opportunity to explain to others this project and how they can prosper, and to get well rewarded for doing so. It has a very low franchise fee of just 3,800, payable in two parts 2,000 when signing and 1800 several months later, later with also a flat franchise charge of 200 a month. These fees are mostly to deter those who like the idea but would never get around to making anything happen and to cover costs. The earning potential is enormous, but a wide range of earnings are expected, with perhaps quite a larger percentage getting well over 100,000 a year. While no experience is needed and it is open to anyone, you will need to be a self starter, and able to make presentations with those showing an interest with the presenters provided.  To find out more sign in to the member section, if you are not already a member then just join online, membership is free, and then go to the franchise section.

There are currently four types of franchises available from GB pictures, one of these is all about supporting, motivating and helping the other three, the other three are involved in marketing through a variety of means. None of these require very large amounts of capital and none have up front franchise fees.

A local team approach allows franchises of different sizes to work together, reducing the stock holding required and allowing a lot of local motivation and support, in addition to that provided by the regional franchises.

Regional franchise

The UK is split into regions, the size of 4 to 7 counties, and within each of these regions there is a regional franchise that looks after a brand. Initially there are two brands but eventually there will be at least 6. These franchises are all about empowering the local ones, and supporting the brand. This involves providing encouragement, motivation, sharing information, skills and more and encouraging cooperation.

Local Area franchise

The largest of the local franchises is the centrepiece for the area, and takes an override on all that happens in the area. This franchise does all that the others in the area do but also provides the base office and other central functions. It needs a minimum of two active people.

Local Team franchise

There would typically be about 3 of these to an area, operating singularly they are the local art consultants, they have less stock than the area franchise and rely on them for some support. The team approach is one of the central parts of the structure so they can operate on their own but also assist or work with other team members. They can also have mini franchises attached to them that they share the proceeds of.

 Local Mini franchise

Mini franchises are smaller, again, no real stock holding, relying on and attached to either a local team franchise or a local area franchise. Not part of the team as such but working through a team member they can be involved in joint projects.

Earning potential

Remembering that this is a part of the money tree project, you would expect and not be disappointed with the profit potential. It will of course vary greatly from one to another, but for both the regional and area franchise there is scope to develop earning in excess of a million a year. One calculation showing a worst case prediction where a regional franchise would be running at just 6% of the maximum potential available would still bring in more than 150,000 a a year in profit. Local team franchises would also easily exceed the 150,000 a year threshold, which was one of our bench marks. We set the minimum benchmark at this level as it represented about three times what could be achieved by some who were just moving paper around for government or local government departments and we considered a person who is self employed should earn at least three times.

Mini franchises are different, they are smaller, can be run part time, perhaps by a retired person a few hours a week or a mother with school aged children. What they earn will be roughly proportional to the time and interest they put in. Those that perhaps put on a few exhibitions a year might well exceed the 150,000 benchmark, but realistically many will not and earn probably half the local team franchise.

Finding out more on these franchises

There is a separate website set up specifically to explain the team franchise opportunities, and this is at From this website you can directly apply to become involved. You don't need to apply through ABAN. You will find the team website, provides a lot more operational information but you will need to meet up with the project people to see projections of what you could actually earn in your own case. They have computer models that you can put your own figures into, predicting good or bad sales and see what you could earn in each case. Perhaps I should say that they will not put you under any pressure to become involved, perhaps the opposite they may put you off if you are not proposing to put in the work that they feel the roles require. They do provide all training, so no existing knowledge is required.

Still coming - more joint ventures and other opportunities

This project is being developed and implemented in stages, this means that from time to time new opportunities pop up, including joining a  Joint Venture or a Joint Venture Consortium. The next page - Stage 3 gives some details on what is coming next, you may find some of this within the members section of this website, if not talk to us about your interests in these areas.

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