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stage 3 announced

This project started at another unconnected meeting. In a brainstorming session someone said, "what we really need is a money tree", and later the discussion revolved around the ideal form of tree that would grow money reliably, in a plentiful way and not be too difficult to look after.

Ok, we all realise that  we can't really find a tree that grows currency, but what would be the next best thing, a business model and type that could perhaps do the equivalent.

So the burning questions were
  • What would this be
  • Would it be practical
  • Could we set up a Joint Venture to make it happen
  • Could we share these opportunities with others

Over the last year and a bit this has moved from a theoretical exercise to a practical and active joint venture involving over 15 companies, firms and organisations, with a number of franchise opportunity types allowing others to become involved.

We now believe we have planted our money tree, and what is more, we are able to allow many other people to share in the fruits it will produce.

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