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Money Tree Project

The current situation

ABAN has, over the last year, been involved in what we believe is a unique project, creating in effect a whole raft of opportunities that work closely together. Starting not from the point of raising funds for a persons ideas, but the other way around looking at profitability and developing a collection of linked opportunities that can maximise return, while minimising risk. If you have heard anything about this it had the working title of the money tree project.

When we started out on this project we thought it would be based around property, but we soon realised that another area offered a far better return, art, and in particular collectable, investable, limited edition art. On the face of it, you might look at it as being the legal equivalent to printing bank notes.

You produce a limited edition image of an art work, probably costing you about 2, and sell it for 200, 500,  or 2000. maybe all three to different markets. What's more you do this for the limit of the edition perhaps 400 copies. Of course as you might expect to make this work it is a little more complex, but perfectly achievable.

You will have heard of Damien Hirst, the sometimes controversial artist  who pickles sharks, cows and other items in tanks as works of art, and has recently had a lot of publicity around the diamond skull he has had produced, and is pricing at 50million. Well lets look a little closer, he has currently 5 different limited edition prints of this skull, 3 with 250 copies at 10,000, 1 with 750 copies at 5,000, and the last with 2000 copies at 900. All these prices have VAT and transport costs added.

So will it sell, well from past experience, other works he has produced and similarly sold are selling for about these figures. You will find works in various galleries, that are limited editions many priced from 6,000 to well over 15,000. He employs over 100 people as artists and technicians to manufacture this for him and keep up with demand, however delivery can still take 8 weeks or more,

So what  will this make, (3x250x10,000)+(750x5000)+ (2000x900)= 13.05m, give or take a bit. We expect to see limited edition copies of the skull to bring in even more.  He won't in practice end up with this of course as the galleries will have earned their cut by doing the marketing.

The secret is not in the high prices,  but the multiplication of a reasonable price by a quantity, so take the price down  to the point that most people could afford, make it really collectible, work out how to guarantee the prices will go up, produce it to a quality above others and add some technology as well, and see the number of potential millions multiply further. Do this with a number of brands at the same time, and set up a full marketing network, with local franchises, gallery franchises and more to  increase the volume and well you have the extreme likelihood that the profit you generate will be, well lets just say running into a number of millions per week.

To make this a reality required a plan, knowledge, a team of businesses with the skills and resources to make it a practical proposition and a joint venture consortium to make this possible. This is basically what we at ABAN have put together.

As a money tree this is better than anything devised before. It is based around a central joint venture involving 16 companies and organisations, each with their own role, plus a number of different types of franchise and more joint ventures in development. The potential for everyone is nearly beyond belief, for example one of the franchise types if fully implemented in the region could produce an annual profit of 2.8m, and while they are unlikely to achieve this many are expected to earn over a 1m a year, with some at least doubling this. What is more this is a franchise with no up front franchise fee, no premises, staff or stock holding. Running at just 6% of their potential would produce an annual income over 150,000 a year.

Like many projects this is developing in stages. Currently 5 types of franchises are available as well as some other opportunities and the next stage, stage 3 opportunities are now announced, from which you will see the number and range of opportunities will continue to grow. As they each work with the others in a team approach, as each new feature is added, all those already involved benefit.

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