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The current situation
Franchises available now
Stage 3 - the next developments

Stage 3 - the next developments

JV Franchisor – Exhibition support (master franchise)

To set up and run a franchise involving the provision of and setting up of supports and shells for art exhibitions.


Coordinated by Franchise and JVC development Ltd

New franchise –exhibition support services

Developed by JV above, this will provide a service to local franchise teams where having found a location for an exhibition and decided what editions to show, they can call upon these franchises to put together the hanging space. Also sourcing smaller units for temporary or permanent displays.

These franchisees will have a suitable vehicle, own components to put together exhibition hanging units and lighting for the same.

Coordinated by Franchise and JVC development Ltd and a part of the above

JVC Franchisor Gallery Brand  (master franchise)


To set up and run a franchise involving the provision of, setting up and running of  galleries.


This ideally will involve a consortium, we already have some parties who are interested in joining this, able to provide a lot of the technical knowledge required, but without the available time to push this ahead. It is envisaged that there would be several different gallery sizes, including mini galleries that could be fitted into a part of an existing business.

Coordinated by Franchise and JVC development Ltd, with the help of ABAN

New franchise – gallery

The JVC above is looking to establish a franchise, to allow a number of galleries to be set up. Until this has been done the franchise package cannot be defined, however there is the scope for several people to become involved in pilot gallery projects to allow the development and testing of the brand and package, and this could be done at an advantageous rate compared to eventual franchises that are marketed.

Coordinated by Franchise and JVC development Ltd

JVC - Exhibition and event coordinators

Similar to recruitment coordinators but with a wider brief servicing a wider client base, plus creative development of events.

Coordinated by H3 Search Ltd/ABAN

Service provider (could be JV) - Print on demand and print buying.

To take over from Knowledge Base Publications Ltd, the roles in relation to production of printed material and supply of information, stationary etc to franchisees plus the ability to develop, and commission printing of material for exhibitions and other uses.

Coordinated by Knowledge Base Publications Ltd

JV – Frame manufacture and delivery

Cotswold Pictures Ltd (CP) are the lead provider of framing services, being commissioned by Atlantis Virtual World Ltd (AVW) who handle all coordination of orders.  Initially CP are also providing framing services but as the franchises develop they will not have the capacity to supply, so wish to develop a distributed frame manufacture and delivery system based upon a JV arrangement. Edition images, chips, and all designs will be supplied through AVW. Assistance and setting up, training and wider marketing and business advice will be provided either by CP or commissioned by them from others. These JV’s will also produce frames and market to others. Quality control is paramount.  The number and size of these JV’s is dependent in part upon the expansion of the franchise and expanding brand range. Initially 5 JV’s are planned, two for the south, one for the north, one for Scotland and one for Wales.

Coordinated by Cotswold Pictures Ltd

JVC – Storage and delivery of art works.

Adam Aaron Studios Ltd. own an expanding art collection with images for sale and hire. Some editions are also owned by collectors and hired out. They wish to develop a regional hub system with joint ventures that can safely store and handle the delivery and transportation of the art works. As all works are chipped, they are not attractive to thieves, but the works are valuable and need to be safely stored and moved. In order to meet this need and the wider need for other brands, where collectors can have editions stored or available for hire, they wish to set up a Joint Venture Consortium to develop and run this.  They have asked Franchise and JVC development Ltd to look into this and coordinate this on their behalf.

JVC -  Social and internet networking

Today, the internet, and its many faces from search engines , to blogs, to social networking sites allow people to communicate. With Skype and of course emails and other communication means, there are very many means to allow communications to be started and information shared. We would be interested in establishing a JVC group to look at the potential of this to businesses and other projects, with a view to setting up a marketing arrangement, possibly franchises, and use the GB Pictures project as a test for this.

Coordinated by ABAN.

JV – competition organiser

Part of the objectives of the GB  Pictures organisation is to encourage more artists and photographers to come forward and show their best work. Part of this will involve running both local and national competitions. It’s proposed that a joint venture group be established and that this will organise, promote and administer the competitions, which will have entry fees. The criteria set is that the competitions must be totally fairly run, and allow any person to participate. This is currently at a very early stage, in that JV partners are being assembled and ideas correlated before a package is developed that will be acceptable to a number of them.

Coordinated by ABAN.

If you are interested in any of these areas please contact us and we will either introduce you or discuss the situation with you.