Angels are reminded to watch out for slipping halos

The name


So where did the Aaronic come from, and  yes it is a real word


The main dictionary definition of Aaronic in several dictionaries is “Of, having to do with, or characteristic of Aaron”.


While many may take this to mean the biblical brother of Mosses, we saw it as representing the logic and characteristics of another Aaron, a talkative teenager with a child like view of life and business that includes, being straight forward, totally honourable, plain speaking, tactfully promoting immediacy, and inclusion for everyone, while expecting people to honour their undertakings completely and questioning delay, procrastination, and illogical actions of all types that get in the way to achieving the desired goals.


If only life was that simple.

Choosing this name has to do therefore with an ideal situation. While at times some business angels may spot that their halo is perhaps slipping a little, and at other times make mistakes, we  are hopeful that we can help and empower them to also move in the same direction as the name suggests.