Potential business angel or investor

While some angels are passive and don't get involved, others want to become fully involved and help to pump up the profits

Business Angels come in all shapes and sizes, men and women, some with lots of relevant experience and some with none. The only interest that they all have in common is looking for opportunities to become involved in a business venture. Often its this wealth of experience and wide range of backgrounds that makes it appealing to entrepreneurs and those looking for funding to grow a business. 

For the vast majority of businesses the only practical means of funding the business is to find friends, relatives, others interested in similar businesses and of course business angels and venture capitalists. Some businesses appeal to venture capitalists, these are often very high tech, high risk and potential for exceptional growth and then flotation to provide an exit. While some business angels like these areas, some like, what we might call lifestyle businesses, these have less risk, often in more known areas, where the direct experience and views of the business angel is most relevant.

Some times it is a group of angels that will come together to form a Joint Venture Consortium (JVC) and run a business between them, and some JVC's are developed, to reduce the time that it will take to get the business to a profitable state, and then offered as a package to JVC partners. This allows a group of people to each bring their own experience and then, to between them learn more, while only using the sort of capital and time that a leisure pursuit would take up. Becoming a partner in a hotel is one such example.

Angel Knowledge
available free from us
All business angels, can benefit from both gaining wider experience and sharing some of the knowledge that we have available. Some is available to everyone from a special website that we have set up for this, while members get this and more from the members site.  Working closely with Business Club International, and many other clubs we can arrange other information to be shared with our members. Our own (optional) ABAN PLUS club also offers a wide range of meetings, events and chances to gain experience

Many members can also benefit from the projects that we have, that allows you to become involved in real companies without having to make a large investments.  There are two forms this takes, the Experion project that has a range of small companies, that people can become members and directors of, to gain direct experience at very little cost and the JVC's, that offer the scope for members to come together to take on a partly developed project between them with about the same capital requirement as many hobbies or interests, but the chance to form a substantial business between you.

Other members find franchises the way ahead for them. We explain the difference and have information on selected franchises and other opportunities as well.

Membership is  FREE  
Membership is FREE,  Ordinary, Gold and Diamond members pay nothing to join, never pay any membership fees or for any of the information or for access to our databases. Members who are invited to presentations will also be able to attend at no cost to them.

So what's the catch you may ask, how is this viable.

We can do this in part because we are a non profit organisation with no paid directors and staff, partly because we have a huge subsidy from Business Club International (BCI), and a lot of support from them and partly because we, like other angel networks, do make charges to the businesses that raise funds through us, although if they are BCI members, and some others these are far lower.

While it's often the need for funding that brings businesses to any angel network, they soon get to appreciate that many business angels bring with them far more, experience, a fresh perspective and many become great friends. ABAN also has a special project for green angels, looking at green ventures, click here to find out more.

You will see we have a level of membership aimed at many different experience levels, ordinary membership is free and available to everyone who applies. This gets you access to information, to the database of opportunities, to both the Experion project and JVC's so you can gain more experience. You can join today by completing an online form.

Some of you may feel confident at this time to go Gold Membership, and ultimately we would like all members to look to become gold members, and they can by just being a member for 6 months qualify, although you will find you may qualify now or could do very quickly if you chose to. Diamond membership has all the benefits of ordinary membership plus being invited to some presentations by businesses looking for funding and some meetings of members.

Platinum membership is for those who look on being a business angel or venture capitalist in a larger way and want to invest in more, have access to more events and presentations. As we only want those who this applies to, to join this member type there is a requirement, as well as being able to qualify for gold membership, to either be a member of the top two BCI member grades, or to pay a joining fee and subscription. We would stress that this is not the member grade for the majority of members and most who choose this will see the benefit of the corresponding BCI memberships, so it will not cost them anything.

A business angel
 is an investor, partner,
mentor, friend and more.

"Low risk, steady growth, something I understand"
" I am looking for something in place of a pension"

" I need a challenge, something I can become involved in"
"With a young family I cant go out to work, but I still want to keep my brain active"
"Well a girls got to have fun, so lets not all get serious all the time"

Don't think of business angels as men in suits. They each have individual interests, likes and dislikes. The angel network is more like a dating agency than the stock market.

You can join FREE as an ordinary member and upgrade to another grade if and when you are ready. The information we have on you is always treated completely confidentially.  We won't try to sell you anything, or pass your name onto anyone else. We will on the member site point out the benefits of joining Business Club International, but doing so has no effect on the service available to ordinary members. The joint events are far more relevant to gold and platinum members. 

If you are not sure which grade is for you, then join as an ordinary member and decide later if you wish to upgrade.


So are you going to join today, do we get a thumbs up, and be able to welcome you as a member.

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So why should you decide to sign up with us.

  • FREE now, free always
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  • Exclusive access to the Experion project
  • Joint Venture Consortiums
  • Franchises
  • Green projects for green angels
  • Working closely with Business Club International, and some other clubs
  • Resources and backing to be able to make a major contribution.
  • Experienced management
  • Your information treated as completely confidential, we don't share your information with anyone or email you junk.
  • Optional but advantageous ABAN Plus Club, to allow you to meet with others and gain experience, skills and confidence.
  • Free Members newsletters.
  • We guarantee you a warm welcome

You don't have to be extremely wealthy, or to fit any set profile to become a member. You can join today online, so why not do it right now, because if you put it off to later you may just not get around to it.

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