A road to riches, including experience, knowledge and friendship as well as wealth.

Principle objectives are:-

  • The promotion and encouragement of enterprise, industrial and commercial activity within the UK.
  • To act as a means to empower the people and businesses of all types to obtain or share information in relation to enterprise, requiring or raising capital and the sharing of knowledge and skills, that relate to this in any way.
  • To run a matching system for business angels (investors, mentors and others) to enable them to meet existing or potential, entrepreneurs, and businesses that can benefit by working jointly together.
  • To stimulate, empower and support the concept of specialist interest clubs, and clubs within clubs, be it by topic or geographic to enable people to get together to achieve the aims above.
  • To promote the concept of joint venture consortiums or clubs and franchises, allowing people to share experience and work together towards building successful new enterprises.
  • To promote the concept of total equality for all in enterprise, business and all aspects connected to it.
  • To promote better understanding of what is and is not lawful within these areas and to share information that will empower people to engage in all activities lawfully.
  • To stimulate and encourage cooperation between angel networks, business clubs and organisations and others who would benefit their members or the public by cooperation or the sharing of information.
  • To promote public awareness of the benefit of cooperative working, opportunities to become involved in joint enterprises and the role of angel networks.
  • To expand the philosophies and services above to cover other countries in Europe or other continents.


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