Sophisticated Business Angels

Gold Membership
is free

Many with business proposals would love to meet platinum members.

We have within the Aaronic Business Angels network, two membership grades above the ordinary members, plus our diamond membership grade for venture capital companies. These are for those who qualify themselves as sophisticated or wealthy investors.

These members will have the opportunity to attend presentations put on by and featuring proprietors of businesses or those who wish to pitch business ideas for investment. Plus of course they have access to everything that the ordinary member has. Like all members they can join the optional but advantageous ABAN PLUS Club, which organises meetings, training events, role play exercises, the Experion projects, more information on franchises, and far more.

Gold membership is free, Platinum membership is available free to the top two member grades of  Business Club International, at a subsidised rate to other BCI members and is available at a reasonable cost to others.

In part this provides a hieratical system, that allows us with the owners of businesses looking for funding to decide on the best means of providing you, the potential investors with the opportunity to find out  as much as you wish and in a way that is enjoyable to you. As in many cases the cost of this is being covered by those putting forward the proposals, it is reasonable to have a means of identifying the people that are the most seriously involved or interested, so that resources available can be most effectively used.

By allowing you to choose if you should be included within this group we have maintained equality of opportunity for our members, but in a way that we think all will appreciate as sensible.

We suggest that all members gain gold member status, so that they are future proofed, against changes in the censorship laws. Being an ordinary member for 6 months is an automatic qualification for gold member status, but we have an empowerment programme that helps you achieve it faster, or to gain the experience to go with it. Many of you will already qualify now.

Some Gold and Platinum members will also be interested in projects that perhaps are more usually considered projects of interest to venture capital companies and will be able to look at these with our diamond members who are venture capital companies.

We would also like to work  more with other angel networks and open up the opportunity for members of different angel networks to visit each others meetings and to allow businesses looking for funding to get the wider coverage over a number of co-operating networks, as currently only about 1 in 3 proposals get funded by the best networks. It is likely that this co-operation and sharing of information will be possible for gold and platinum members.

Not all ...

 ... angels
 are alike.

Many angel networks have similar qualifications, in the case of commercially run ones, it is the main way that is used to get around the UK censorship rules within the Financial Services and Markets Act, and although we have another exclusion that allows us to operate in a wider way, we decided that to restrict direct presentations by businesses only to gold and platinum members was a sensible approach, and fair to all our members providing we showed them how to become empowered to join this self selected group.

In concept, the idea should be to have a range of services aimed at those with experience, and who are likely to be able to play a part faster in proposals that are put to them.  In practice we like all other angel networks in the UK allow people to qualify themselves on the basis of what is at best a flawed system and at worst a discriminatory, illogical system, that is a part of the Financial Services and Markets Act censorship regulations. But don't let this put you off, we will try our best to make sense of it, and both apply it in a way that offers equality to all and the scope to gain experience to go with it.

To qualify, you need to be able to tell us that you have been a member of an angel network for 6 months or that you have self certified yourself using one of two forms,

MS Word and other versions are on the download page (click here to show download page in new window)

If you don't qualify, but would like to, or do qualify, but feel you have insufficient experience at the moment for this, then click here to see our special projects that empower people to enter the world of sophisticated investors.

The effect of having signed one of these forms is that you have acknowledged, that you appreciate that a risk is involved, and are saying that you wish to be in effect treated different to the public at large.  You do not need to say which of the options that you could have qualified under, and we are not going to ask you any questions about this. The form is yours, you don't need to send it to us or anyone else. There are no penalties within the act, as far as we are aware, for anyone completing one of these when they do not qualify, so although we would not suggest you lie, we also don't see any need to check up to see if you have made a mistake when applying.

Platinum membership

While we suggest all members aspire to gold member status, and this is achievable by all of them in 6 months if not before, platinum membership we suggest is a choice for those who want to become very involved and to regularly attend presentations by businesses looking for investors or mentors.

Platinum members are likely to be those involved in many more investments or with larger sums to invest. Probably those with more management experience and looking at being a business angel more as a professional role, as to a means of investment, challenge and education. If you become a platinum member and do not have a lot of experience, you will be encouraged to participate in empowerment programmes, to allow you to get experience fast. It really makes sense for all platinum members to join Business Club International (BCI) at one of the two top grades, as many of the activities for them is being organised jointly with BCI for these BCI members, so not being a BCI member would mean that a far smaller range of activities and meetings were available. Platinum membership is free to all BCI members on the top two BCI membership grades, and discounted for other BCI members.

Platinum members who are also putting forward business proposals also make a saving, of half of the approval fee and once they have been a platinum member for at least 6 months there are no listing fees on the network for any of their projects.

We decided to charge for platinum membership for two reasons, firstly far more costs are involved in supporting this group of member, and secondly to put off those people who were not really interested in using these services in a professional way, while allowing them to gain most of the same benefits as gold members for free.

The choice as to which member grade is ultimately down to the member. You select whichever grade of membership that you are most comfortable with, and decide if this alone is all that you need or if you would benefit from also joining the optional ABAN PLUS Club.

Please join today, if you are not sure which of the grades, then select the lower grade for now and upgrade later. But do it today because you may not get around to it later.

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