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Business angel networks as you will recognize have a wide range of members, with greatly different interests, expectations and desires. The majority of funding opportunities that are put forward by businesses and entrepreneurs, will not be those of interest to most venture capital companies. As you will be aware your interests and requirements are often different, as well as individual investments being usually far higher.

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Clearly all angel networks are not going to have all projects of interest to all members, and any that attempt to screen them to get this is going to both miss many good opportunities and also to limit artificially the range of opportunities that can be put forward. We overcome this problem by having 4 types of members, and this will mean that the venture capital company will overlap with the interest of at least some of the gold and particularly our platinum members.

Given a good plan and a good team, in an industry with prospects, what will you be able to make of it.

Diamond membership, is completely free and  is restricted to established venture capital companies, and new venture capital companies with resources to invest.

When you join, we won't bombard you with business plans of unsuitable projects or invite you to mixed presentations that have little that will interest you, instead we will maintain a special section of the members website for our diamond members and put a one page overview of projects that we feel may be interesting to them. In addition we will try to get to understand the particular type of projects that you would most like to see and email you just when one of these comes up, to bring your attention to the overview page.

Besides this we will, from time to time, put on select presentations that only diamond, platinum and gold members can attend, trying to select the projects to include in each so that a selection of suitable projects are presented at the same time. There will not be any cost for Diamond members to attend these.

Everything is going up, sales, costs, hopefully profits, but  one thing is not, the amount of available time. So we always have to make the best use of it that we can.

In addition you, as a diamond member, will have full access to all that the other members have available, including information, new style projects like the JVC's and can select to attend all gold member events and many platinum events if they interest you.

You can also make use of the projects put on for other members such as the Experion project, in order to develop or train staff. If you have come across projects that you like but don't feel those involved have the presentation skills, to promote it to other members yet, then as we work closely with Business Club International (BCI) we can introduce them to BCI and work closely with them and BCI to develop the skills they need.

If you have projects that you wish to part fund, and need other partners from amongst our diamond or platinum members, or the wider membership then we will be delighted to talk to you about how this can best be achieved. Similarly if you are presented with business plans and feel they have considerable merit, but are not interested yourself, as a member we will take considerable notice of what you have to say, and where we can, we will help these projects.

All we ask you to do is to complete the registration form online today, later if you like you can define in more detail exactly the types of projects that you would like to see and change this specification as often as you like.

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We don't want to
handle money that
 came  from crime

Dodgy funds

We want to help everyone that we can, those looking for funds, business angels, venture capitalists and others. If you are an established venture capital company we will have no concerns about where your money came from, or if you are a subsidiary of another company with obvious capital sources. If you fall outside of this and are going to be investing large sums, then we are going to have to ask questions about where the cash came from. We will not assist in handling money that is the proceeds of crime or similar, so please don't ask us to. Money from overseas or offshore companies that we cannot see are obviously completely legitimate, we will need to be able to get a reference from a bank, an established venture fund we know, an accountant or some other person who we can rely upon. Where the company is unknown this will often relate to the person we are dealing with.  If proving the funds are legitimate is a problem to you, please talk to us about how this can be done as early as possible, so a solution can be found. This should not present a problem for any legitimate funds wherever they come from.

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