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Introducing angel networks

Angel networks exist to provide a means for those who wish to invest and or participate in a business to meet like minded people, and together to look at adding value as well as investing in profitable projects.

Business angels bring experience and often skills to a company, as well as making an investment.

There are very many angel networks, many claim to be the largest, some the oldest and some are dedicated to specific geographic areas, types of investors or industries. Some are non profit and some are regular businesses, with quite a few being some combination of this.

Angel networks often get some income from membership fees, but most of their income comes from commissions on successfully helping businesses find funding from its members.

What we provide Aaronic Business Angel Network Ltd
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Money tree project grows - stage 3 announced. Plus 5 types of franchises are now available



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  • Established as a part of the New Atlantis family of clubs, organisation and businesses, dedicated to improving the quality of peoples lives.

  • ABAN is a non profit organisation, with no paid staff or directors, charging only enough to cover costs, and is heavily subsidised by Business Club International, the club for everyone with an interest in business.

  • Allowing businesses large and small and business angels to come together.

  • Works very closely with Business Club International and others.

  • Promotes equality, with scope through education and experience for everyone who wishes to be a  business angel to be able to participate.

  • Develops new styles of opportunities and encourages new businesses as well as the expansion of the proven business models.

  • Provides opportunities for you to get experience at all levels including as a company director at very minimal cost, and also now through the Flair initiative.

  • Has probably the widest range of projects of all the angel networks, with joint ventures, franchises, small new enterprises, specialty areas like hotel partnerships and photographic related businesses, as well as many to do with property.

  • Developing and expanding teams, assisting new joint ventures, franchises, assisting developing and expanding businesses.

  • Member to member, so those looking for funding are also valued and encouraged to participate fully.

  • Members are kept informed by a members website, and a members newsletter delivered by E-mail. Other websites exist for projects and initiatives.

  • Optional ABAN Plus Club, with a range of optional membership types, with help, training, personal help and discounts bundled in.

  • Special projects like the exciting Money Tree Project, that you can directly benefit from now



Available to all members




  • Meetings
  • Training events
  • Experion projects
  • Money tree project
  • Team building
  • Chance to look in depth together at dummy projects, assisted role-play to improve fact-finding and decision making
  • Chance to practice presentations to each other
  • More


  • Platinum membership at a low cost (free to Business Club International Members)

  • A chance to learn, gain real experience, and become a sophisticated investor.

  • Help for businesses that are looking to use any angel network.

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